Condom Use Norms
Analyzing the effect of perceived teen peer condom use on adult male sexual behavior 


The Association of Adolescent Perceived Peer Condom Use Norms and Sexual Health in Adult Men is a secondary data analysis utilizing data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health). This investigation uses longitudinal data from a nationally representative sample of men in the United States. The primary aim of the study is to determine if perceived peer norms measured during adolescence are associated with self-reported condom use behavior during adulthood. The investigations will also examine the association between perceived norms and sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, the project will explore the role of sexual identity in the association between perceived norms and both condom use and sexually transmitted infections. This project will address significant gaps in the literature related to health dipartites among MSM populations while simultaneously examining a potential target for intervention among this group.

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