Congratulations to iRACEr Zach Mannes on Publication Acceptance into Health Psychology

Online Ahead of Print: Zach Mannes’ manuscript, “Negative Health Consequences of Pain Catastrophizing among Retired National Football League Athletes,” has been accepted for publication in the Health Psychology journal. Health Psychology is the official scientific publication of Division 38 of the American Psychological Association (APA).

This study assessed various aspects of mental and physical health functioning among 90 retired NFL athletes. Primary findings from this study demonstrate that pain catastrophizing, or a tendency to ruminate about pain and overestimate unpleasant pain related outcomes, was associated with pain interference, depressive symptoms, and mental/physical health related quality of life even after controlling for potential confounding variables such as pain intensity, concussions, and substance use. This study has important clinical implications for retired NFL athletes and support the need to evaluate and treat pain catastrophizing in this population.