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Improving Cannabis Science through Research

Legislation surrounding cannabis is changing rapidly across the nation, and science has struggled to keep pace. As such, it is important for physicians, patients, and stakeholders to form a community that supports high quality cannabis science that advances the field.
Today the iRACE lab is announcing the launch of the Cannabis Assessment Project (CAP). 
CAP is a patient reported outcomes research project that aims to better understand patterns of cannabis use and motivations for use from the patient’s perspective. This type of research is known as Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR). It is a relatively new approach to research that aims to help patients and their caregivers communicate and make informed healthcare decisions by centering their needs, beliefs, and preferences at the heart of healthcare decisions. CAP is being led by Dr. Ennis and her team, this study will engage a broad spectrum of cannabis users in the state of Florida to better understand cannabis use from the patient’s perspective.