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iRace Lab Publishes Manuscript

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Congratulations to Zach Mannes, Erin Ferguson, and Dr. Ennis on their recently published manuscript titled “Brief report: the association between recreational versus therapeutic marijuana use on hazardous alcohol consumption and alcohol-associated behavioral consequences among adults living with HIV in Florida” in Harm Reduction Journal.

This secondary data analysis examined whether risky alcohol use and associated behavioral consequences differed based on motives for marijuana use. Findings demonstrated that therapeutic marijuana users reported significantly fewer alcohol-associated behavioral consequences compared to recreational marijuana users and non-users. Compared to non-users, therapeutic users also demonstrated significantly lower odds of hazardous drinking, while recreational marijuana users were more likely to report hazardous drinking. In the article, authors highlight relevant clinical implications of these findings, focused on the need to emphasize therapeutic use, rather than recreational use, as a means for minimizing the harmful effects of hazardous alcohol use and avoiding alcohol associated consequences.

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