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Sisters Network Outreach

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On March 26th, 2016 the Sisters Network Northeast Florida Chapter hosted a community outreach event at the Highlands Public Library in Jacksonville, FL which featured guest speaker Dr. Nicole Ennis from the University of Florida. Over the 2 hour workshop Dr. Ennis disseminated the latest research findings pertaining to self-care for African American breast cancer survivors, solicited future directions for research from the community of Black breast cancer survivors and provided a listening ear to many of the survivors concerns. Group members shared their breast cancer stories, as well as the stories of others close to them to shed light on the need for early health literacy education among newly diagnosed women in the Black community. In addition, community members highlighted the breadth of support they receive from the kin network they have developed through the Sister’s Network and spoke to the importance of groups like these to help Black women coping with breast cancer. According to the group’s president, Ms. Diane Townsend (pictured below in the pink Sister Network shirt along side Dr. Ennis), the Sisters Network in Jacksonville, FL represents 1 of 40 chapters nationwide. The chapter recently celebrated their 19 year anniversary and is looking forward to assisting more women diagnosed with breast cancer by providing community workshops to educate the African American community about the need for early action.