SHARC Mentor Award Winner!

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Congratulations to Dr. Ennis on being awarded with the 2016 Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium Mentor Award! Dr. Ennis' unequivocal support and mentorship of several graduate students within the SHARC culminated in being bestowed with this honor. Vaughn Bryant, Sc.M., a 4th year graduate student in Clinical and Health Psychology (CHP), noted that Dr. Ennis has a “unique ability to provide honest critiques, while also creating a warm and supportive environment to learn. He also noted that she is confident, kind, sincere, intelligent, and extremely conscientious.” Mr. Bryant went on to say that Dr. Ennis has had a “valuable influence on [his] career and will continue to be a valuable influence on many others.” Larry Burrell, M.S., another 4th year graduate student in CHP noted that Dr. Ennis “deftly combines her roles as both adviser and mentor in a way that is both unparalleled and invaluable.” He added that she is “consistently supportive of [his] endeavors both professionally and personally.” Congratulations again to Dr. Ennis for this most deserving honor!